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Reopening on September 4th

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Introducing our Boulogne Billancourt association

The »PHILOTECHNIQUE  Association»

What does « philotechnique » mean?

It is an old world, coming from the greek words « Philo » and « Technie », meaning « love of the arts », « taste for the arts or for elegance ».

Then the adjective « philotechnique » was connected with the words « Association » and « Society ».

The purpose of a Philotechnique Association or a Philotechnique Society is to encourage, to promote, arts and sciences ».

In 1848, The Philotechnique Association was organized under the Polytechnic Association (from the Polytechnic School). It first gave 3 kinds of teaching : general, technical and arts.


Who are we today?

The « Philotechnique Association of Boulogne Billancourt» is a teaching center for adults.

Want to improve your language skills? Get a better control on your computer? Make your own clothes?


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