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logofrance French upgrade - Grammar, Spelling, Speaking and Writing

2020 - 2021 PROGRAM                                                                                         

 These courses require B2 level.                                                                                                                           Rates (out of cotisation)

Code Module Day Time 1st lesson GPSO Other
20-FRMN3 French - Grammar and spelling Wednesday 17h-18h30 Sept. 30th 160 € 180 € Isabelle Gillery
20-FREE3 French Writing expression - Advanced Tuesday 18h30-20h Sept. 29th 210 € 230 € Isabelle Gillery
20-FREE2 French Writing expression - Intermediate Tuesday 17h-18h30 Sept. 29th 210 € 230 € Isabelle Gillery
20-FREO French Speaking expression Wednesday 18h30-20h Sept. 30th 210 € 230 € Isabelle Gillery


French - Grammar and spelling

Goal : Study of French language based on texts from classical and contemporary literature, press articles, a.s.o.

French Writing
Goal: This course is intended for people who already speak a good French but who have difficulty in writing, and therefore want to improve their writing.

        French Speaking

        Goal: This course is intended for people who already understand a good French (B2 +) and want to improve their speaking communication skills .